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Arsi Nami featured on the first page of Swedish News Paper "Jonkopings Posten" for winning the Best Actor award in France, Japan, Brazil and USA for his role in AION. Click below to read English and Swedish version of article

Arsi Nami featured in Voyage L.A Magazine as the most inspiring stories in Los Angeles.
Click below to read the article.

Arsi Nami featured on Entertainment Network Live

for debuting his screenplay BACHATA at filmfestivals

Arsi Nami Featured on the first page on one of

Swedens largest news sources for winning

Jury Prize at Cannes International Film Festival


Read how rehearsing with eyes closed helped Arsi Nami win a Jury Prize at Cannes International Film Festival

Full story by

Kayhan International Magazine

Arsi Nami guest on Gem TV,

talking about winning a Jury Prize in Cannes as the lead actor in Love is Blind and composing the soundtrack. Talks also regards to importance of daily use of music to improve the quality of life and its positive effect on individuals with disabilities in the United States and around the world. 

Hosts: Zahra Soroush and Dr.Foojan Zeine.


GEM TV is an international TV channel broadcast to millions in the United States and around the world. 

Arsi Nami at the 2017 Latin American Music Awards at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, formerly known as Kodak Theatre which hosts the Oscars as well. He states:
"Congratulations to all the winners.

Enrique Iglesias sat in front of me and won the Latin Artist of the year.
It was a nostalgic moment for me as my singing career and National breakthrough kicked off  when I was 17 years old winning 2nd place award by singing Enrique’s song “Hero” on National Television Talent Competition in Sweden. Here I was watching him up-close winning this award.  

Dreams comes true the moment as we decide to wake up and turn them into reality"

Arsi Nami guest on Breakfast with award winning author public figure, Homa Sarshar on

Los Angeles Radio station 670am KIRN.

Talking about the Jury Prize win at Cannes Film Festival as an actor and music composer of Love is Blind. The importance of Music Therapy in the United States and the world, and his his journey from Shiraz, to Sweden and Los Angeles.


-> Click to listen <-


Arsi Nami invited to be a hair model at International Salon and Spa Expo working with Jimmy Fallon show featured hairstylist Russell Cordeiro and KARG Inc. 

Arsi Nami recevies gratitude from Disability community in the US for sharing disability awareness through music and film in Cannes, U.S and rest of the world. Read article in Abiltites Expo -

United States largest resource for the Disability Community and healthcare professionals.

Arsi Nami states on social media: 
Humbled and grateful for such a lovely article by United States Largest Resource for the (Dis)Ability Community & Healthcare Professionals, about how I found the light in the darkness to help share disability awareness. I've received messages from individuals in the U.S and around the world who've been touched and inspired by my story as they face their own challenges. Such an honor to have been advocating for the dis(abled) since I was 16 years old in Sweden & through Music Therapy and Film in the United States. Love & Admiration to Abilities CEO David Korse, News editor Kevaleen Lara Abilities Expo & KM Productions for opening their arms to help me continue to inspire & share disability awareness around the world.

"CAMELIA" starring

Arsi Nami, wins Best Film Award at 2017

European Cinematography Awards

Arsi Nami portrays Vincent the painter. 

Plot: "As a flower falls in love with the painter, she makes an exchange with a soul,just to be with him"

Arsi Nami featured news JP one of Swedens largest News paper source

Arsi Nami as an Engineer/Designer in

a BMW Commercial.  Coming soon!

Director: Chris Leclerc

DP: Mattew Rivera


He states in his social media:


"🌱 Portraying as an engineer/designer in a BMW commercial.Million thanks to talented Director Chris Leclerc, DP: Matthew Rivera and the entire production crew as the filming process created unforgettable memories and friendships. 🌒 It's amazing how Creative Arts continues to enlighten the day from the darkness and the pain from yesterday. Don't let darkness dim your light. Even the eclipse is temporary!Can’t wait to share the final video.

Arsi Nami, behind the scenes of Film Noir “The Silhouette of A Ghost" as the lead role of Fred Ivers, an ex-gem dealer who takes on a mission to recover a vintage french jewelry and gets into a dilemma to complete the mission or to get seduced and fail by his lover from the past. 

Arsi Nami states on social media:
😊 "Million thanks to award winning director/writer Javier Arcelus for casting me and making me feel like home. & talented DP, Nina Papalote and the entire talented production crew and cast who put their heart and soul into this project. 🌱 
See the process, behind the scenes photos and other talented characters by supporting and following "Silhouette of a Ghost" on:

Arsi Nami nominated as Best Lead Male Actor in Villa, which is nominated for Best Comedy Shortfilm with its 3 Official Selections at international film festivals in Italy, Egypt and India. 3 beautiful countries and cultures. 

Arsi Nami states on his social media:

"The word “female” should be placed in front the best male lead actor nomination as these 3 amazing talented ladies helped me bring out the best of the fun character of Brandon Smith. As he attends an open house with his wife, his undesired house buying mood turns the scenario into a big surprise! Thank you Zarna Joshi, Mimi Kmet ,Cynna Zeng and director/writer: Liyuan Liu & her crew"


Villa can be watched on Amazon Prime with subtitles:

Arsi Nami Featured on the front page on one of Swedens largest news sources.

He dedicates the article to all his childhood friends in Sweden.  He states on social media:  

🌱 Thank you Swedish News for featuring me on the first page.
 I dedicate this to all my Swedish childhood friends , some whom I started knowing from the first couple months at the Refugee camp in Sweden to the ones I got to know growing up in a lovely society, at schools and on soccer or basketball teams. Memories for Life!
(Kärlek o Skål till all fina vänner å grymma minnen )

Thankful of my mothers strength when we migrated and thanks to Sweden for opening its arms for me, my family and other refugees during the Iran and Iraq war. I gained so much knowledge growing up in Sweden. Iran is My Motherland, U.S my brother land and Sweden, always my Fatherland.
Ps. This is an opportunity for all non-swedish friends to read and at the same time get familiarized with the Swedish language  :) Super easy! :D 🌱

Arsi Nami lead actor in Ford Commercial

Arsi Nami states: 🌱 Such an honor to be casted by Ford Motors Company and fly up to San Francisco to act in their commercial promoting the all new Ford GoBikes. Whether you’re heading to work or exploring the city you can rent Ford GoBikes, which will be available all over San Francisco and Bay Area on June 28th. :D Ps. It is scientifically proven that riding the bike improves, self-esteem, reduces stress, depression and anxiety levels. So let’s lose the car now and then and pedal towards happiness 🚴 :) "

Arsi Nami featured news on KAYHAN LIFE Global News.

Read how personal injuries & depression motivated him to get the lead part in 2017 Cannes Film Festival winning Film "Love is Blind"


-> Click to Read <-

Love is Blind starring

Arsi Nami, Wins the Jury Prize for Best Film at 2017 Cannes Film Festival International Entr'2 Marches, sharing disability awarness.


Screens at

world famous Louis Lumière at Cannes Palais,

Monday May 29th.

Watch on Amazon Prime:

Download soundtrack:

Arsi Nami featured news on The Corsair - Santa Monica, everything from war memories in Shiraz where his mother protected him & sang lullabies to how darkness and challenges drove him to become an award winning Musician, Music therapist and Actor. 

Love is Blind, starring Arsi Nami as Giovanni, and April Lam as Marcy, will screen as an Official Selection at 2017 Cannes International Film Festival  Entr'2 Marches on Arsi Nami's birthday May 21st until May 26th.  Arsi Nami did also compose the original film soundtrack of Love Is Blind. 

Arsi Nami states: 

What better way to celebrate my birthday on May 21st, by giving the gift of sharing disability awareness in Cannes, via Love is Blind, an Official Selection at 2017 Cannes International Film Festival Entr’2 Marches. Love is Blind will screen from May 21-May 26th in Cannes, France. Available to watch at Amazon Prime and as well as download soundtrack which I composed . On behalf of myself, cast and amazing production team,  we are happy that a short film could make a long way to inspire around the world.  

If you’re in Cannes, click link to get tickets to the screening :
Watch on Amazon Prime:

Download soundtrack:



Arsi Nami wins Jury Prize at Cannes Film Festival and receiving gratitude from Disability community in the U.S for sharing disability awareness through music and film in Cannes, U.S and rest of the world. 
Read article in Abiltites Expo,United States largest resource for disability community

Arsi Nami featured news on KAYHAN LIFE Global News, London.

Read how personal injuries & depression motivated him to compose the music, get the lead role and share disability awareness in 2017 Cannes Film Festival

Jury Prize winning shortfilm

"Love is Blind" 

Arsi Nami featured news on The Corsair - Santa Monica, everything from war memories in Shiraz where his mother protected him & sang lullabies to how darkness and challenges drove him to become an award winning Musician, Music therapist and Actor. 

Arsi Nami featured news JP one of Swedens largest News paper source

Arsi Nami featured news on Expo Abilities -

U.S largest Disability Community Resource  

Arsi Nami Featured on the first page on of Swedens largest news source. He dedicates the article to all his childhood friends in Sweden. 

Arsi Nami Featured on the SunDial News.

Arsi Nami Featured on the SunDial News.

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Arsi Nami guest on Breakfast with Homa Sarshar 670am Radio Iran, Los Angeles. He talks about his journey from Shiraz, to Sweden, to Los Angeles. How challenges guided him from Music to Music Therapy as well as a career in Acting. As well as continuing to to give back to the community through film at Cannes Film Festival and International film festivals in Italy and India. Interview is in Farsi, so non-speaking farsi friends, this is an opportunity for you to listen to the beautiful language of Farsi and learn some words. 

🌱Click link to listen:

Behind the scenes in film CAMELIA, where Arsi Nami portrays as Vincent, an artist in the Victorian era (1880). 
"A beautiful story, as a flower falls in love with her painter, she exchanges her soul just to be with him"

Support the film on


Arsi Nami's message to fans:

🌱Happy Nouroz & Happy Spring Equinox ! A celebration of beginning of spring!  May the Pain, the Heartbreak & the Betrayals from yesterday be used as your Fuel & Motivation to find that Gold within the Darkness. May Anger & Revenge against all sources be used to Improve Yourself, To Grow, Learn and to Inspire others with Love. Plant that seed and let it flourish on this Brand New Day and A Brand New You! Love Arsi Nami!

Photo by talented Langxi Ge

Love is Blind short film, starring Arsi Nami  as lead actor and composer, gets an Official Selection at 2017 Cannes Film Festival International Entr'2 Marches a Cannes.

Love is Blind also joins WeCare Film Festival in India as Official Selections in two festivals which shares disability awareness. He sArsi Nami states on social media:
 "Million thanks to the production for allowing me to submit to both festivals for disability awareness as the community is close to my heart. Also allowing me to bring Giovanni’s character to life, compose the music & create the poster." 


Arsi Nami appears in Ariana Grande's latest Music Video "Everyday"


He states: "Thankful for being casted in Ariana Grande’s Music Video “Everyday”, directed by talented Chris Marrs Piliero. 
 Fun day on set filled with laughter among group of amazing talents. I appear in the final scene where an elderly couple proudly Makes Love on the Public Transportation. Teaching us the true meaning of: Make Love. Not War! LOL! :D (ps. it’s PG-13)"


Arsi Nami does a commercial for

Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Arsi Nami shares 2017 greetings to his fans.


When Darkness and Pain is turned into strength, the light within your soul will lead to infinite roads.


Wishing everyone a healthy 2017. Keep your mind and surroundings within healthy vibes. Our health is our wealth- Love / Arsi Nami



Photo by Talented Charles Langxi Ge

Love is Blind has been chosen as the Official Selection of 2017 We Care Film Festival in India. A festival promoting disability awareness, remove the myths, misconceptions, prejudices and stereotypes about disabled and disability among society through the medium of films.

Love is Blind is also nominated as best short in 2017 Hollywood Screening Film Festival. A Film where Arsi Nami plays the lead as Giovanni, as well as the composer of it's soundtrack


Arsi Nami states: 

Thanks to a wonderful group of Crew/Talents who contributed and united as One to make this film possible. 

A special moments for me, because acting therapy and Music Therapy picked me up when pain and challenges was at worst.

Helping me portray Giovanni, able to compose it’s Soundtrack,  and now inspire on the festival screens in India to Hollywood. 

All about Love!

Arsi Nami continues with his philanthropical contribution by sharing Suicide Prevention Awareness. He states: 


You never know the hidden challenges behind someones smile.

Challenges which results in anxiety and depression.

Untreated depression is the number one cause for suicide.

According to  "more than 15 million American adults / 6.7 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year are affected by depression and 1 in 8 children are affected by anxiety disorder”.  According to World Health Organization (WHO), "350 million people worldwide suffer from depression" 

Please friends, if you witness any signs of depression within your community, you can prevent suicide and SAVE A LIFE with one simple call to National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK(8255) ( 

(Friends Outside U.S, call your countries Public Health & Human Services. 

“What better gift can we give someone, than the gift of saving someones life”  - Arsi Nami

Pic by: Laursen Photo

Arsi Nami does a commercial for The Renwich Hotel in Manhattan, New York.

He dedicates it to his struggle of overcoming darkness and challenges by stating: "Emotions Transcend, as you think of all challenges you need to go through to reach goals. Never give up and Never Give in! No Pain No Gain!"

He also quoted Aristotle:


"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light" - 

Love is Blind Original Film Soundtrack composed by Arsi Nami, a film which he also Co-star in as Giovanni,  will have World Premiere on October 14, 2016 at all major online music stores. Arsi Nami states: 

"These are results of how creative arts fueled me during challenges. Being a music therapist, I learned how to be the client applying the scientifically proved therapy into myself to deal with challenges and pain.

Nothing is really impossible, when Passion is your biggest motivation! 

Arsi Nami 

Arsi Nami as Mr Smith in "Villa", a comedy short Film, Premiere screening by invitation at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank on September 21st before hitting Film Festivals. Arsi Nami states in Social media post "Thanks to Director Liyuan & Producer Aina for believing in my talents during the times where acting became my Therapy, my Best friend and passion when Pain, Betrayal and Challenges were at worst! I hope to inspire for Strength, not letting pain, depression and challenges ruin your lives. Love from within, block negative vibes, listen to the Beats of your Heart and let the Stars and the Universe take care of the rest. Love - Arsi Nami 

Arsi Nami behind the scenes in shortfilm "Villa" Shares Child Neglec Prevention message " Priceless when a beautiful kid tells you, you inspired him to become an actor after seeing you finish shooting a scene in ShortFilm “Villa”.

Children are the Creative Minds of the Future. Unfortunately, according to American Humane association, 62.8% of children in U.S suffer neglect which puts them into the risk of abuse, mental health disorders,addictions, depression and suicide. We can save a child's life by reporting any small abuse observed in the community. A child should be observed as our own. Report via (1.800.4.A.CHILD) or through your country's Health & Human health services. 
(Pic by Charles Ge)

Arsi Nami on the cover of Spring 2016 - Guitar Center Essentials, Worlds Largest Music Store


Arsi Nami behind the scenes in Comedy Film “Villa” as lead role of Brandon Smith. He shares this quote in social media.

"I realized that we as human beings won’t fully blossom into a flower unless we’ve been thrown dirt at and buried in the soil filled with pain.‪#‎NoPainNoGain‬ ‪#‎Villa‬ "

Arsi Nami shares a quote of how love helps him to overcome challenges along with a picture of a Wedding Commercial shoot for WESTIN Hotel Denver, Colorado . 


"Whether you stand alone or in company, Love would never leave you lonely.. Fall in Love with Life..To the Bright Lights that wakes you up in the Morning, Orchestrated by Music of the Nature..To the Darkness that puts you to Sleep at Night with the Astonishing Art filled Atmosphere made by the Stars...Set yourself Free in the Arms of Love and Let it take you to Heights you never Experienced before". - Arsi Nami

Photo by C2 Studios.

Arsi Nami helps share disabiity awareness through Romantic Drama Shortfilm “LOVE IS BLIND” – a man with a disability must recount his love to his lady before she reveals a secret to him. Arsi Nami states

"With 1 out 5 people in US having a disability, happy to help continue sharing disability awareness through Film, Creative Arts and Music Therapy. There is not enough awarness. Thanks to KM Productions and writer Charles Gray for believing in my talents.This films Therapeutic process for me as an individual is relaxing and soothing, aiding me through pain and challenges, as I am also writing the music for the film. “When Darkness turns into Endless Beams of Bright Lights” – Love is Blind [Coming Soon]
Support @loveisblindshortfilm on instagram 

Arsi Nami featured in Independence Day Pesurgence  promo.

Dedicated it to Creative Art therapy and independent parents.

He states: "I dedicated this to all independent parents who fulfill the role of a father and a mother at the same time. Don’t let obstacles ruin your vision. If you’re going through Pain and Challenges, make Creative Arts part of your Therapy, which is scientifically proven to help increase the quality of life"

Arsi Nami featured groom for WESTIN Hotels Commercial,

sends a greeting to his fans: 

"Taking my time to Thank Everyone, from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful birthday wishes and E-cards. My heart is smiling. Such a Birthday Therapy. I celebrated my birthday, flying to Denver, Colorado, Featured Groom in a Wedding Commercial for WESTIN Hotels, the best new Airport hotel in the U.S. Wonderful WESTIN production surprised with a cake too :). (See my instagram @arsi_nami) 
Once again, Thank you for all the continuous support.

Love you all - Arsi Nami"

Arsi Nami will star as the lead role in a Romantic-Drama short film called “Love is Blind” portraying Giovanni, a man expressing the meaning of unconditional love to his woman. Arsi Nami states on his social media:

 "Behind my smile, there is a man overcoming challenges via CreativeTherapy. The audition itself had such a therapeutic effect on me in many ways which words can not express.
Auditions are like challenges in life, you fall at first, but with experience and practice, you rise, bringing out the best in you" 


Arsi Nami featured for Alta Steelyard Loft commercial


Arsi Nami will appear as a Guest Star on "Justice with Judge Mablean" as Mr. Mueen Khani, in the episode titled “Immigrant Games”
The episode will air this spring/summer on your local TV Station. We will update you with more details & dates as the episode approaches.


Arsi Nami transforms into Persian Ali Baba for a commercial regarding freedom. He states on his Social media posts:

"While Batman and Superman are busy fighting each other on the big screen, they hired me, Persian Ali Baba, disguised as “SuperBaba” to save the world. lol! "

Arsi Nami sends a spring greeting to his fans on social media.

"Happy early Norouz to all Farsi speaking Sisters & Brothers around the world, and Happy Spring Equinox to everyone celebrating beginning of Spring. May all the hard work spent on planting the seed into the soil now blossom into a Wonderful Tree. Wishing everyone Love, Health and lots of Laughter. 

/Arsi Nami

Arsi Nami flies to Dallas, Texas to act as a DEA Agent in Upcoming USA Network Drama Show. Picture taken off set

Arsi Nami acts as a featured Paparazzi on the promo premiere of NBC UNIVERSO's series "El Vato"


Arsi Nami does a commercial/infomercial for Clorox. His water awareness message

" It made me realize how much we take water and purified water for granted, especially in California with the drought risk going on. Talks include purification of disinfected water via Clorox.
According to UNICEF, about 663 million people lack purified water and 500 children in Sub-Saharan Africa die drinking dirty water every day. Next time we waste water, let's think of how those gallons of wasted water could've saved lives and keep the planet green.

Read more and support water Sanitation:

Photos by: Rebecca & Laursen Photo

Arsi Nami acts as an Italian Police Officer in

"Most Interesting Man special film project

Arsi Nami models as a featured groom for Friar Tux.  He states on his instagram(@arsi_nami)

"Dedicate this one to my brothers, who filled the shoes of an absent father, supporting my passions, and of course, inspiring me to be a gentleman by giving me their charm and good looking genes lol! 
Thank you brothers! Love lil brother!

Photo by: MCP

Arsi Nami models for Alta Steelyard lofts. Here is a message from his instagram @arsi_nami. 

"With Valentines Day around the corner, may everyday be Valentines Day. Whether you are in a relationship or single like me,
Be in Love. Be in Love with Life, Your Passion, Be in Love with the Stars, Your existence, the Universe, and you’ll "Never Be Lonely"
Glad to be featured for Wonderful Luxury Residential franchise Alta Steel Yard Lofts. 

Check out their affordable luxury lofts"

Arsi Nami models for FriarTux, at the Vintage Glamour Bridal Show at

Rancho Las Lomas.
Quote from his Facebook page "Got to its Zoological garden earlier to spend time observing/ getting motivated by this gorgeous White Tiger, which was recovering from an injury. It’s been said that 1 in every 10,000 tigers are born white and unique.We, human beings, are all unique individuals.Never let anyone tell you you’re not beautiful or not good enough. Beauty starts from within. Be that White Tiger. Be Unique.  (See video of the White Tiger on my Instagram: @arsi_nami )

Arsi Nami  invited to model as a groom at the 4th Annual Vintage Glamour Bridal Event and Fashion Show, showcased at the gorgeous Rancho Las Lomas, which is Southern California's most spectacular private resort and zoological garden, located in Costa Mesa, Orange County, this coming Sunday, January 31st. Event is almost sold out, for tickets and info visit:

Arsi Nami acted as a headoffier in a The Last Shift taking place in his motherland Iran. According to Arsi's publicist, the director asked him if he speaks Farsi, Arsi responded "Of Course I do, and Arsi got a speaking role. 

Arsi Nami acted in a small roles as a Gentleman in forthcoming feature movie "Live By Night". 

Directed and starred by Ben Affleck, produced by

Leonardo Dicaprio

According to Arsi Nami, "it was a small role but Great experience working with wonderful production crew and being directed by Ben Affleck was priceless"

Arsi Nami features as a lead model/musician for 
Guitar Center Commercial print. According to his publicist,

Guitar Center was the first store Arsi Nami visited the first day he moved to Los Angeles, 10 years ago. A store which he had made into his refuge during his college years.

Arsi Nami is invited to model as a groom for 2016 Premiere Bridal Fashion Show at Hilton, Pasadena Ca (Sunday January 10th). It's Southern California’s largest Bridal show filled with Honeymoon give aways, cake/gourmet tasting and entertainment. Friends, Family and Fiancés are encouraged to attend. Doors open 11am, fashion show 1pm. Tickets $10 at the door $5 online. 
More info:

Arsi Nami sends an inspirational message to his fans on social media. 

"Welcome positive energy with a smile and close your arms for the negative. 
Follow your heart and do what your passion leads you. And yes, you’ll encounter sacrifice, failure, jealousy, heartbreaks, betrayals along the way, but Never give up on chasing your goals. Walk that extra mile, because at the end, it’s all worth it” 

Arsi Nami

Message from Arsi Nami:
"I wish everyone a healthy 2016 filled with nothing but Love. Thank you for all your continous support. Be safe no matter which corner of the world you are. Countdown the numbers and enter 2016 by Living, Loving and Laughing for a start of a wonderful new year"

Arsi Nami :)
(pic: Commercial for Alta Steelyard Luxury Lofts)

visit their page for luxury and affordable rates.

Arsi Nami acts and once again for Los Defensores. This time as a lead attorney for their Commercial Print 

Arsi Nami acts as a husband, father in

SoCal Gas Company's informercial/commerical. Keep your eyes open on your TV as you might see him regarding their Air Purifier ad. 

Arsi Nami acts as a soldier in forthcoming trialer of Praetor, which is to be released 2016-2017.

Arsi Nami plays as a husband on Cry Wolf Season 3, acting as an impatient father, driving the nurse crazy to see his wife giving birth to his daughter.

Behind the scenes video as Arsi Nami becomes a Zombie for

"Fight of the Living Dead 2"


Arsi Nami gets Pranked on Prank Bank Comedy Series Hot Naked Girl when he only wants to pick up a Free toner

Watch Video:


Arsi Nami travels to San Francisco to feature and act in a Samsung Commercial which will broadcast in South Korea and Asia. 


Arsi Nami acting as an attorney for Los Defensores along with L.A Dodgers Spanish radio announcers Jaime Jarrin and Jorge Jarrin.


Arsi Nami models for Alta Steelyard Lofts advertisement  in Phoneix, Arizona. Photos to be posted in Picture gallery


Arsi Nami acts and portrays as a millionaire investor for industrial commerical. Video to be posted shortly in Music & Video section


Arsi Nami models for South American photobooth ad.

Photos to be posted in photogallery

Arsi Nami acts in small background role as a Gentleman on a date on "My Crazy Ex" which airs on Lifetime Television

Arsi Nami models for a Film Noir Shoot. Going way back to the 1940's


DP: John C Park

Videos and Photos coming soon!

Arsi Nami Models for Carriere Menswear, wearing CANALI and ETON by Sweden.
Carriere Menswear carry top quality Italian to Swedish custom designed menswear.


Project Photographer:

Joey Carman,

Makeup artist:


Supporting female model: eleftheria_karakatsina

Arsi Nami in Miami, on the set of feature film Disposable
which is announced to be released mid 2016.
Arsi Nami plays the role of a psychologist
Arsi Nami Co-Founds Non-Profit Organization Opportunitree to service the community, children, elderly and
individuals with disabilities.
For more info, visit site:

Arsi Nami had his song “PARADISE” hitting the number 1 spot on Top 100 Indie Dance/ Nu Disco at SPINNIN' RECORDS talentpool which is the largest dance record label in the world.

Arsi Nami had his song “PARADISE” top the cart at number 1 on March Top 10 House Music at

Arsi Nami had his song “She Wants To Fly” placed in an episode of Bones on FOX.
The song plays in episode 23 titled             “The Drama In The Queen” of the show’s 9th season.
Airing May 12, 2014 on Fox at 8:30pm
Also available on Hulu
"Never Be Lonely"  FEATURED ON
FOX TV SHOW  "Goodwin Gamees"

Arsi Nami has his song “Never Be Lonely” featured the episode of The Goodwin Games on FOX! The episode is the third of the debut season, titled “Small Town”.
Also available on Hulu 
Aired June 3 2013 on Fox at 8:30pm.
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