The award winning film AION starring Arsi Nami as the lead Actor, will be screened & hosted by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences & NFMLA Film Festival on September 24, 2022.   

Arsi Nami guest on Mañana Latina Talk Show talking about earning Best Actor Awards for his role in Aion by FUJIFILM, his award winning screenplay Bachata, career in Acting & Music Therapy, as well teaching the hosts Bachata dancing

Arsi Nami featured on the first page of Swedish News Paper
"Jonkopings Posten"

for winning the Best Actor award in France, Japan, Brazil and USA for his role in AION.

Click below to read English and Swedish version of article

Arsi Nami wins Best Actor Award at 2022 New York International Film Awards, Tokyo Film Awards Cannes Silk Road Film Awards, Istanbul Film Festival and Brazil Visions Film Fest and Rome International Film Festival. 


He is also nominated for

The Best Actor award at
Swedish International Film Awards.

Click below to see a clip from Arsi Nami's award winning performance as

Dylan Steere in

Aion (2022) presented by FUJIFILM.

Arsi Nami stars in

Aion film (2022). 
Presented by FUJIFILM.

Click below to more pictures and details about the film.

Arsi Nami celebrates his birthday posting a picture wearing his first suit at

5-years-old in a 

refugee camp. 

Click below to see picture.

Arsi Nami does Print work for SQUARE in New York. Click to see lifestyle photos from N.Y

Arsi Nami in an International PUMA commercial campaign 

for Mother's day.

Click below to see more pics

Arsi Nami 2022.JPG

Arsi Nami partners up with EXPRESS Menswear
Click below to see Photos.

See Arsi Nami's Honda Motorcycle lifestyle shoot Click below to see Photos.

Arsi Nami's screenplay BACHATA wins Best Short Drama Screenplay award at 

2021 Austin After Dark

Film Festival. Click below to watch his winning speech.

Arsi Nami's screenplay BACHATA wins Best Short Script at 2021 New York Movie Awards

Arsi Nami's screenplay BACHATA wins Best Short Screenplay Award at

2021 Changing Face International Film festival

in Australia

Arsi Nami featured on Entertainment Network Live

for debuting his screenplay BACHATA at filmfestivals

Arsi Nami announces his screenplay BACHATA, about a refugee doctor who experiences post traumatic stress disorder as he is performing a surgery. He fights for his life as a dance therapist attempts to save it. 

Arsi Nami & Meryl Streep at SOC Awards Red Carpet Arrivals

Arsi Nami and Steve Harvey

Arsi Nami guest-stars on Steve Harvey TV Show on NBC



Arsi Nami in a Tesla Commercial

Arsi Nami in TESLA Driving the Future


Read how rehearsing with eyes closed helped Arsi Nami

win the Jury Prize at

Cannes International Film Festival

Full story by

Kayhan International Magazine

Arsi Nami on The Late Late show with James Corden

Arsi Nami guest appearance on

Late Late Show with James Corden.

Arsi Nami on VEVO

Arsi Nami in

"Hurt People"

Music Video joining superstar artists Gryffin & Aloe Blacc 

(1 Million Views)


Arsi Nami in

KIA Telluride Commercial


Arsi Nami in a Kia Telluride Commercial
Arsi Nami Doctor in National commercial Lucermyra

Arsi Nami as a Doctor in a

National Campaign for Lucemyra and U.S Worldmeds.

Brochure available in Hospitals and clinics nationwide and on

Lucemyra app. 

Arsi Nami host in Cremo Commercial

Arsi Nami spokesperson for CREMO beard cream. Avail on Target, Walmart & Walgreens

Arsi Nami in Aventon Bike commercial

Arsi Nami in Aventon Bikes commercial

Arsi Nami in Playstation commercial Just Cause 4

Arsi Nami back again as Cadiz for

"Just Cause 4"

Comedy ad for

Playstation & X-Box 


Arsi Nami in Playstation commercial Just Cause 4

Arsi Nami in

"Just Cause 4"

Action Trailer

World Release December 4th, 2018 on

Playstation & X-Box 


Arsi Nami in Voyage LA

Arsi Nami featured in Voyage L.A Magazine as

the most inspiring stories in

Los Angeles.
Click below to read the article.

Arsi Nami in Kia Sportage commercial

Arsi Nami in

2019 Kia Sportage Commercial as Mariachi. 

Arsi Nami as Freddie Mercury

Arsi Nami casted as Freddie Mercury for 2018 Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco. 
Click below to see more pictures on @arsi_nami instagram page.

Arsi Nami in Stop Dreaming of Me Film

Arsi Nami stars in

Stop Dreaming of Me, a 

short film, Official selection at 2018 Orlando Film Festival and Austin Spotlight Film Festival

Screening in
Orlando, Florida
Cobb Plaza Cinema Cafe 
🔸October 21st at 5pm I Theater 9
🔸October 24 at 12.15pm I Theater 10



Arsi Nami in Compass commercial

Arsi Nami in Compass Real-Estate Luxury Home advertisement, top 10 real-estate companies in the U.S.

Arsi Nami in Disney commercial

Arsi Nami in a Disney Commercial as a Father. 
He dedicates the picture to

his mother, who as a single parent portrayed as his father and mother growing up.

Arsi Nami on Gem TV

Arsi Nami guest on Gem TV,

talking about winning a Jury Prize in Cannes as the lead actor in "Love is Blind: and composing the film music soundtrack. He shares the importance of daily use of music to improve the quality of life of individuals with disabilities in the United States and around the world. 

Hosts: Zahra Soroush and Dr.Foojan Zeine.


GEM TV is an international TV channel broadcast to millions in the United States and around the world. 

Arsi Nami Judge in Cannes Film Festival

Arsi Nami named as a judge at 2018 Cannes Film Festival Entr'2 Marches after winning Jury Prize at Cannes in 2017 Cannes for lead actor in Love is Blind and composing the film soundtrack. 

Arsi Nami at 2018 SOC Awards Red Carpet Los angeles

Arsi Nami stars in $8 million funded Children's Hospital L.A production, premiered at 2018 SOC Awards with invited guest Meryl Streep.

Click below to watch the video and see pictures from the Red Carpet event.

Arsi Nami Persian New Year

On behalf of Arsi Nami and team, we want to wish everyone a Happy Persian Nowruz and Happy Spring Equinox.  

Photo taken by: George Deloache

Arsi Nami guest on Radio 670 am Los Angeles - KIRN with Homa Sarshar

Arsi Nami guest on Breakfast with award winning author public figure, Homa Sarshar on Los Angeles Radio station 670am KIRN.

Talking about the Jury Prize win at Cannes Film Festival as an actor and music composer of Love is Blind. The importance of Music Therapy in the United States and the world, and his his journey from Shiraz, to Sweden and Los Angeles.


-> Click to listen <-


Arsi Nami as Fred Ivers in The Silhouette of a Ghost

Arsi Nami as Fred Ivers and his lover Ingrid Rodriguez (Samantha Alessandra), two Gem dealers at the train station heading to Tijuana,Mexico.

A film noir filled with mystery, crime, seduction and drama. 
Dir: Javier Arcelus Cano 
DP: NiñaPapalote Barbosa

Pic by: Gustavo Parra Jr.

Pic edit by:

Arsi Nami in BMW commercail

Watch Arsi Nami in an amazing production of

BMW - The World Within


Arsi Nami on Mens Wear Print

Arsi Nami entertains and models Men's Tuxedo's from Mens Wearhouse for 1000 women at Southern California's Largest Bridal Show.Click below to watch a clip of Arsi Nami 

entertaining the ladies.

Arsi Nami at the 2017 Latin American Music Awards.

Click to read how the awards show gave him a nostalgic feeling from the time he won the 2nd place award at National Television Singing Competition Show in Sweden.

Arsi Nami Cannes Film Festival - Abilities National Magazine

Arsi Nami recevies gratitude from Disability community in the U.S for sharing disability awareness through music and film in Cannes, U.S and rest of the world. 
Read featured article in "Abilities"

United States largest resource for the Disability Community and healthcare professionals.

Arsi Nami red carpet INetrnational Salon and Spa Expo Long Beach

Arsi Nami invited to model at 2018 International Salon and Spa Expo, styled by Jimmy Fallon featured show stylist.

Arsi Nami promo Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Arsi Nami continues with his philanthropical contribution in the United States by sharing Suicide Prevention Awareness.

Arsi Nami in BMW Print and Commercial

Arsi Nami as an Engineer/Designer in a BMW Commercial. Read how it helped him overcome challenges in life and improve his health.


Arsi Nami in Swedens news paper Jonkopings Posten

Arsi Nami featured in yet another large news paper in Sweden. Regards to being a refugee to a Music Therapist and winning Jury Prize in 2017 Cannes Film Festival for sharing disability awareness

Arsi Nami in Villa Comedy Film

Arsi Nami nominated as Best Male Actor in Villa, which is nominated for Best Comedy Shortfilm with its Official Selections at international film festivals in Italy, Egypt and India.
He dedicates it to his female co-actresses.

Arsi Nami in Ford Commercial

Arsi Nami in a

Ford Commercial. Read his message

on how riding a bike can improve your overall health

Arsi Nami as Fred in Film Noir

Arsi Nami the lead role as Fred Ivers, an ex-gem dealer in the Film Noir

"Silhouette of a Dream"  by award winning director/writer

Javier Arcelus. 

Arsi Nami in Swedens News paper J NEWS J NYTT

Arsi Nami featured on the front page of one of the largest news sources of Sweden. 

He dedicates it to his childhood friends in Sweden.

Read his message and the article.


Arsi Nami on Kayhan International News Paper

Arsi Nami featured on KAYHAN LIFE Global News London.

Read how personal injuries & depression motivated him to get the lead part in 2017 Cannes Film Festival winning Film "Love is Blind"


-> Click to Read <-

Arsi Nami Jury Prize Winner Cannes Film Festival in Love is Blind

Love is Blind starring

Arsi Nami, Wins the Jury Prize for Best Film at 2017 Cannes Film Festival International Entr'2 Marches, sharing disability awarness.

Screens at

world famous Louis Lumière at Cannes Palais,

Monday May 29th.

Also available on Amazon Prime.


>Read article<

Arsi Nami in Corsair news paper Santa Monica

Arsi Nami featured The Corsair News Santa Monica. Everything from war memories in Shiraz where his mother protected him, to how darkness and challenges drove him to become an award winning Musician, Music therapist and Actor. 


-> Click to Read <-

Love is Blind starring

Arsi Nami, an Official Selection at 2017 

Cannes Film Festival

International Entr'2 Marches a Cannes.

Will screen on Arsi Nami's birthday May 21st in Cannes. Click below to read Arsi Nami's message and get tickets to the screening.

Arsi Nami in Camelia film

"CAMELIA" starring

Arsi Nami, wins Best Film Award at 2017 European Cinematography Awards

Arsi Nami portrays Vincent the painter with manic depression disorder.

This is the 2nd award win for Arsi Nami in a film that shares  disability awareness. 

Plot: "As a flower falls in love with the painter, she makes an exchange with a soul,just to be with him"

Arsi Nami portrays as Vincent, an artist during the Victorian era (1880) in the film Camelia (2017)

Arsi Nami Tuxedo headshot

Arsi Nami wishes his farsi speaking fans a Happy Nouroz /Spring equinox.

Click below to read his inspirational message

Arsi Nami in Ariana Grande Music Video


Arsi Nami appears in

Ariana Grande's latest Music Video "Everyday"

Arsi Nami in Hewlett packard Commercial HPe


Arsi Nami does a commercial for

Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Arsi Nami Detective look


"When Darkness and Pain is turned into strength, the light within your soul will lead to infinite roads"

Arsi Nami 


Click below to read Arsi Nami's 2017 Greeting to his fans. 


We are happy to announce that 

Love is Blind is the 

Official Selection of 2017 WeCare Film Festival, India and nominated as Best Short in 2017 Hollyood Screening Film Festval. A Film where Arsi Nami plays the lead as Giovanni, as well as the composer of it's soundtrack.

Arsi Nami as Dylan Steere in
Aion (2022)
presented by FUJIFILM.

Winner - Best Actor
2022 Chicago Indie Film Festival
2022 Cannes Silk Film Road Awards
2022 Tokyo Film Awards 
2022 Brazil Visions Film Fest 
2022 New York International Film Awards

2022 Best Istanbul Film Festival
2022 Rome International Film Festival
Arsi Nami as Cadiz in
Square Enix & Playstation's 
Award Winning
Live Action Commercial  
"Just Cause 4 - One Man "
Arsi Nami in
BMW - The World Within 
Arsi Nami in a National Ad for
National Hardware
Arsi Nami in
TESLA - Driving the Future 
Arsi Nami in
KIA Telluride Commercial
Arsi Nami in
"Healthcare in the Cloud" by
Children's Hospital Los Angeles Vision Center which has raised over $8 million for children's vision health
Arsi Nami as Cadiz in
Square Enix & Playstation's 
​Award Winning 
Live Action Commercial  
"Just Cause 4 - Part2 Insurance Claim
Arsi Nami in
"Compass" Real-Estate Advertising
Arsi Nami in “OraVet” commercial.
Produced by Cesar Millan, Emmy nominated dog behaviorist
Arsi Nami in
(HP) Hewlett Packard commercial
Arsi Nami in "Kia Sportage"
Commercial as Mariachi Musician.
(Spot 1)
Camelia (2017) [Trailer]


Arsi Nami as Vincent the painter in 

2017 European Cinematography Award Winning Film Camelia, starring Arsi Nami, Alexa Wisener & Chloe Young.

DIrector/Writer: Yuechen Hao

Film sharing disability awareness


"As Camelia the flower falls in love with her painter, she makes an exchange with a soul,

just to be with him"


Villa (2017)

Comedy Short Film (CC) 

"When undesired house buying turns into a big surprise"

Arsi Nami nominated as Best Male Actor


* Official Selections:  

  - 2017 Premio Tortoreto Abrazzo, Italy
  - 2017 International Festival
 Film and Culture, India

  - 2017 AM International Film Festival, Egypt

Love is Blind
Winner Jury Prize 2017 Cannes Film Festival International Entr'2 Marches & We Care Film Festival India, promoting disability awarness.
Arsi Nami as Giovanni, as well as composer of Official Film Soundtrack
"Paradise" (Dance Music)  Lyric Video
"Caro Mio Ben"  (Progressive )
Music Video
"Luna" Live Performance (World Music)
FOX TV Show and Goodgame Disco song ""Never Be Lonely"
(Dance Music)

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Arsi Nami continues with his philanthropical contribution by sharing Suicide Prevention Awareness.

Arsi Nami does a commercial for a 

Hotel in Manhattan, 

New York.

Dedicates it to his darkest times.

Read post.

Read how

Music Therapy helped Arsi Nami compose 

Love is Blind Original Film Soundtrack which will have 

World Premiere on

October 14, 2016

at all major online music stores

Arsi Nami as Mr.Smith

in Short Comedy

film "Villa"  

Read his inspiring message on how acting became his therapy dealing with Pain and Depression

Arsi Nami shares a behind the scenes pic of Shortfilm Villa along with Children neglect prevention awareness message

Arsi Nami plays the lead in upcoming film "Villa".

Read his quote regards to overcoming pain

Arsi Nami WESTIN Commercial

Arsi Nami does WESTIN Hotels commercial in Denver Colorado. Shares a quote about how Love for life helps him through challenges

Arsi Nami helps share Disability Awareness through Romantic Drama Shortfilm 

"Love is Blind"

Arsi Nami in Independence Day movie

Arsi Nami featured in Independence Day Resurgence Promo, dedicates it to Creative Arts Therapy and Independent single parents

Arsi Nami featured Groom for WESTIN Hotels commerical in Denver, Colorado.

Thanks his Fans for Birthday greetings

Arsi Nami to star as lead role in Romantic Drama short film "Love is Blind", as well as composing the music.

Arsi Nami featured on Alta Steelyard Lofts commercial print

Arsi Nami in Guitar Center Commercial

Arsi Nami on the Cover of Guitar Center Essentials

Arsi Nami on TV Show Justice with Judge Mablean a

Arsi Nami to be a Guest Star on TV Show

Justice with Judge Mablean 

Arsi Nami transforms to Persian Ali Baba for Freedom Commercial

Arsi Nami sends a Happy Spring greeting to his Farsi speaking fans around the world

Arsi Nami flies to Dallas,Texas to act as a DEA Agent for upcoming USA Network Tv Show

Arsi Nami acts as a featured Paparazzi for NBC Universos  

"El Vato"

Arsi Nami does a commercial for Clorox,

read his water awareness message.

Arsi Nami acts as an Italian Police Officer.

Arsi Nami models for

Friar Tux, dedicating the project to his brothers.

Arsi Nami modeling for Alta Steelyard Lofts. Read his message to his fans.

Arsi Nami models as a Groom at Vintage Bridal Show

Arsi Nami to model as a groom at Annual Vintage Glamour Bridal Event

Arsi Nami gets a speaking role in film after telling director he speaks fluent Farsi

Arsi Nami acts in

"Live By Night". 

Directed by Ben Affleck, produced by

Leonardo Dicaprio

Arsi Nami featured as Male Model for Guitar Center

Arsi Nami invited to model as a groom for 2016 Premiere Bridal Fashion Show at

Hilton, Pasadena Ca

"and yes,you’ll encounter sacrifice, failure, jealousy, heartbreaks, betrayals along the way. 

Never give up on chasing your goals. Because at the end, it's all worth it"

Read Arsi Nami's full inspirational message to his fans

Arsi Nami sends you a Season Greeting along with a commercial for

Alta Steel Yard Lofts.

Click below to read it.

Arsi Nami acts once again for Los Defensores as a lead attorney 

Arsi Nami acts as a husband, father in

SoCal Gas Company's 


Arsi Nami acts as a Soldier in upcoming trailer of "Praetor" 

Arsi Nami plays as a husband in

Cry Wolfe Season 3

Check out behind the scenes video of Arsi Nami becoming 

a Zombie in

"Fight of the Living

Dead 2"

Arsi Nami gets Pranked on Prank Bank Comedy Series Hot Naked Girl when he only wants to pick up a Free toner


Arsi Nami travels to

San Francisco to feature in a Samsung Commercial


Arsi Nami acting as an attorney for Los Defensores along with L.A Dodgers Spanish radio announcers Jaime Jarrin and Jorge Jarrin.


Arsi Nami flys to Phoenix to model for Alta Steelyard Lofts advertisment.


Arsi Nami acts and portrays as a millionaire investor for industrial commerical.


Arsi Nami models for South American photobooth ad.


Arsi Nami acts in small background role as a Gentleman on a date on "My Crazy Ex" which airs on Lifetime Television


Arsi Nami models for a Film Noir Shoot.

Going way back to the 1940s. 


Arsi Nami Models for Carriere Menswear, wearing CANALI and ETON by Sweden.
Click

view "Behind the Scenes" Video 

Arsi Nami in Miami,on the set of feature film Disposable which is announced to be
released mid 2016.
Arsi Nami plays the role of a psychologist
Arsi Nami Co-Founds Non-Profit Organization Opportunitree to help the community, children, elderly and individuals with disabilities 
"Paradise" charts at # 1
on Top 100
Spinnin' Records
Indie House/Disco Chart 
"Paradise" Voted as
# 1 Song on
"She Wants To Fly"
featured on Fox Tv Show
"Never Be Lonely"
featured on Fox TV Show
"Goodwin Games" 

Arsi Nami guest on Breakfast with Home Sarshar

Arsi Nami guest on Breakfast with Home Sarshar on 670am KIRN L.A. 
Talking about his journey from Shiraz to Sweden, Los Angeles and how challenges made him a Music Therapist and an Actor to inspire on Cannes Film Festival

Love is Blind Soundtrack Premiere

Love is Blind Official Film Soundtrack hits online music stores worldwide October 14, 2016

4th Annual Vintage Glamour Bridal Event

Arsi Nami invited to model as a groom at the 4th Annual Vintage Glamour Bridal Event and Fashion Show, showcased at the gorgeous Rancho Las Lomas, which is Southern California's most spectacular private resort and zoological garden, located in Costa Mesa, Orange County, his coming Sunday, January 31st. 

2016 Premiere Bridal Fashion Show

Arsi Nami invited to model as a groom for 2016 Premiere Bridal Fashion Show at Hilton, Pasadena Ca (Sunday January 10th). It's Southern California’s largest Bridal show filled with Honeymoon give aways, cake/gourmet tasting and entertainment. Friends, Family and Fiancés are encouraged to attend. Doors open 11am, fashion show 1pm. Tickets $10 at the door $5 online.  
More info:

Guest Artist Speaker

April 18 2015


California State University,

Channel Islands


February 14, 2015
Join us on the World Premiere of Paradise on Valentines Days 

Guest Artist Speaker

October 16, 2014


California State University,

Channel Islands

Guest Artist on IRAN TV

June 19, 

7.30 pm

Guest artist at Iran TV's Banooye Sharghi Show with Mahroo, talking about music, music therapy and cultural journey from Shiraz to Sweden to Los Angeles 

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